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Air/water/oil multipurpose rubber hose

Water S D Hose 80

Most rubber hoses are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, but some of the more demanding oil and gas pipelines have added flame retardants to the rubber materials. The flame retardants contain toxic and harmful substances that have a slight impact on the human body and the atmosphere.

The characteristics of the rubber tube are also physiological inertness, UV resistance, ozone resistance, high and low temperature resistance (-80 to 300 degrees), high transparency, strong resilience, resistance to compression, permanent deformation, oil resistance, stamping resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance Grinding, flame retardant, withstand voltage, electrical conductivity and other properties.

Scope of application

Supporting electrical, electronic, furniture equipment, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sporting goods, audio, lighting, machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, ships, aviation, and other fields.

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